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Privileged accounts are omnipresent and all pervasive in enterprises of all types and sizes. Organizations depend on a variety of IT resources to sustain their businesses. Servers, databases, network devices, and numerous other IT applications are controlled through administrative passwords, which are aplenty. Large scale adoption of virtualization and cloud computing has complicated the scenario and resulted in the proliferation of IT assets and applications.

The proliferation of IT assets, in turn, is driving an exponential increase in the number of privileged passwords handled by enterprise IT and network divisions. Datacenters, in particular, present a daunting challenge for IT operations given their complex mix of databases, network devices, applications, and physical and virtual systems.

Needless to say, administrative passwords are very powerful and accord unlimited privilege to the users. Those who login through the privileged mode could access absolutely anything with ease. Regardless of whether it is physical, virtual or cloud environment, unlimited and uncontrolled privileged access could lead to dangerous repercussions.

Too often, however, IT administrators take shortcuts in handling these sensitive login credentials, storing them in plain text in volatile sources such as sticky notes, spreadsheets, printouts, and text documents. Credentials are also frequently shared insecurely among administrators and are normally left unchanged for an extended period, leaving the organization open to compromises and security attacks.

To effectively combat the rapidly increasing cyber-attacks on cloud environment, IT organizations require an automated approach to centrally control, monitor and manage privileged access in all environments - physical, virtual and cloud.

Password Manager Pro Helps Protect Privileged Accounts in all Environments

Password Manager Pro helps IT organizations ensure privileged account security in all environments - physical, virtual and cloud. Privileged accounts could be securely stored in the centralized vault, selectively shared among administrators based on job roles and responsibilities and password management best practices could be enforced in fully automated fashion. Privileged access could be closely monitored through audit trails. Privileged sessions on highly sensitive resources could be recorded for forensic audits.

Password Manager Pro helps manage the entire life-cycle of privileged accounts:

Physical - Manage privileged accounts on Windows, Windows Domain, Linux, IBM AIX, IBM AS400, HP UNIX, Solaris, Mac OS, Sun Oracle XSCF, Sun Oracle ALOM, Sun Oracle ILOM, MS SQL server, MySQL Server, Oracle DB Server, Sybase ASE, LDAP Server, HP iLO, HP ProCurve devices and Cisco Devices (IOS, CatOS, PIX), Juniper Netscreen Devices.

Virtual - Manage the VMWare ESX, ESXi accounts

Cloud - Management console or administration panel passwords of cloud services like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Apps and Rackspace.

Password Manager Pro not only bolsters privileged account security, but also unifies operations for efficient management of local and cloud infrastructures and makes privileged access management for cloud as seamless as it is for local infrastructure in terms of both access control and access management.

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