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Force Enrollment

ADSelfService Plus Force Enrollment

What does this feature do for you?

In a nutshell, this feature - if enabled - will prevent un-enrolled users from using ADSelfService Plus. Enrollment is a must for users to self reset password and self unlock account. So, it is vital that users enroll for the password self-service solution to be successful. The force enrollment feature in ADSelfService Plus ensures that users enroll for password self-service and never seek help desk assistance again for password related problems. There are two ways through which you can force users to enroll with ADSelfServcie Plus.

i) When the users log in to their machines, a logon script configuerd in ADSelfservice Plus will display a message asking them to enroll for password self-service. When users click on that message, they will be taken to ADSelfService Plus in a web browser. Only after enrollment they will be granted access to other resources in their machine.

ii) When the users log in to ADSelfService Plus, they will be presented with a persistent screen that requests them to complete enrollment.

In appearance, this feature is a tiny check box, but carries great potential as a deployment policy. This feature puts an end to an administrator's ordeal of reminding his domain users to enroll in order to avail themselves of self-service password reset/ account unlock facilities.

Read this guide to learn how to configure force enrollment in ADSelfService Plus.

What has it got to do with ROI?

The longer the users stays un-enrolled, the higher will be their chances of falling back on helpdesk for password reset/ account unlock. It defeats the purpose of self-service password reset solution, which is not just allowing your domain users self-service password reset/ account unlock capabilities but also completely eliminating password reset tickets! What is the point of giving domain user a self-service password reset software and then have him call the helpdesk?! Waste of time and money!

That is the reason ADSelfService Plus includes the option to force people to enroll. You can calculate your ROI here.

Why do you need it?

We have seen organizations using self-service password reset software without force enrollment feature and still paying hefty helpdesk operative cost; bulk of which still could be owed to password reset tickets. Plain reminder mails might not work sometimes and a stronger deployment policy is necessary. That is when "Force Enrollment" will of immense help.

Had you observed software users carefully, you will know that they usually fall into any of these categories:

  • Explorers: They never wait for a cue or instruction. Give them a software, soon they will start tinkering, sometimes enough to be able to write a thesis on the software!
  • Disciplined: They never miss any of your instruction on how to use a software.
  • Forgetful: They never remember to fulfill any pre-requisites of a software to enjoy its full potential. Sometimes you feel like your lifetime will be spent in reminding them what has to be done!
  • Non-believers: They never believe what you teach them! They live in a blissful delusion that they can find better ways to use a software and mostly do opposite to what they have been instructed!

Now, you know when you will appreciate "Force Enrollment" feature the most! Though it appears to be a light-hearted categorization, it is true to the hilt! Every IT administrator faces these kinds of users in his domain. While the first two types are delight to an IT administrator, the last two can even cause deployment failure of a self service password reset software or even organizational policies! Though they will be highly eager to utilize the software to self reset password or self unlock account, they will be bound by their idiosyncrasies and might take their own time to enroll!

Empirical analysis shows that these type of users need - more than reminder notifications - a visual cue that will instigate them to complete any initiation process involved in a software deployment. That is why ADSelfService Plus brings you "Force Enrollment", an easy way for you to implement a stringent deployment policy, without appearing strict!


Reduce employee frustration due to forgotten passwords with ADSelfService Plus.

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