Request Templates

A Request Template is a custom-made request form to suit an organization's business need.

For the ticketing system to work more efficiently, organizations identify pre-defined problems or pre-defined service requests that help simplify the request creation process. For example if a mobile service provider were to put up a ticketing system for it's subscribers the pre-defined templates that can be thought of are : Account Balance Request, Coverage Issues, Change Plan Request, Top-up Request, Voice Mail Activation Request, Internet Service Activation Request, Channel Disturbance Issues, Number Activation Issues, Billing Issues etc.

No software can define every form necessary for an organization's need. Therefore the application should provide the capability to customize the form to the needs of the business. SupportCenter comes up with the Request template feature that allows administrators to drag & drop the relevant fields to create new request forms for the customer. The administrators can also set the privacy levels of these forms for the Support Reps & customers making it very flexible. Request template will go a long way in streamlining the helpdesk tickets to the right queue.