Feature Added in Upgrade Pack - Build 6500

  • Multi-Language Support.

Issues Fixed in Upgrade Pack- Build 6500

  • Request addition from non-login page follows the "contact auto-addition configuration" setting in the Admin -> Settings page.
  • Issue in saving Subcategory/Item in business rules - Fixed.
  • Time entry calender in request resolution section not working - Fixed.
  • Error when executing account based reports - Fixed.
  • Images do not appear on the web portal page - Fixed.
  • LastUpdated field of a request is updated when a note is added/edited by a user (Support Rep or Contact).

Issues Fixed in HotFix - Build 6009

  • Unable to delete requests - Fixed.
  • Ability to search on Notes - Disabled (Due to the multiple request entries displayed in request list view page).
  • Unable to add/edit Account Manager information - Fixed.
  • Notifcation not generated when clicked on "Save & Close" in resolutions - Fixed.

Feature Added in HotFix - Build 6008

  • Account Manager

Issues Fixed in HotFix - Build 6008

  • Unable to duplicate requests - Fixed.
  • Notes Text not searchable - Fixed.
  • $Contact variable not parsed in survey emails - Fixed.
  • Displaying Product Additionall fields when associating Products to Accounts - Fixed.
  • Mail fetching issue (IOException : Error in encoded stream) - Fixed.
  • HTML-404 frame work error on clicking back button - Fixed.
  • Multiple entries for group notifications corrected.
  • History displays RequesterID instead of Requester Name - Fixed
  • Product Additional fields values not displayed when trying to edit the fields - Fixed.
  • "Go" text not appearing in Accounts search - Fixed.
  • Unable to delete Requests when the database is MSSQL - Fixed.
  • Account information erased when importing contacts from CSV - Fixed.
  • HTML tags appearing on mouse over in the subject of the request in the Request List View page - Fixed.
  • Add reminder from the request action section failed in requests where contacts did not have email - Fixed.
  • Drafts not saved when the content of the original mail contained certain tags - Fixed.

Issues Fixed in HotFix - Build 6007

  • Performance issue addressed.
  • The default conversation view is changed to "View Contact Conversations".

Feature Added in HotFix - Build 6006

  • Ability to close requests without notifications.

Issues Fixed in HotFix - Build 6006

  • Email attachments getting corrupted - Fixed.
  • Solution category restriction issue - Hidden solution categories getting exposed to unauthorized contacts - Fixed.
  • Forwarded emails not shown in the conversation area - Fixed.
  • Default values of request additional fields not getting populated during request addition - Fixed.
  • Images do not appear on the web portal page - Fixed.
  • Bulk edit of requests corrupting data - Fixed.

Issues Fixed in HotFix - Build 6005

  • Updating a previous Timespent entry throws an error - Fixed.
  • Updating an earlier Account-Product association throws an error - Fixed.
  • Time spent entry option in the resolution page corrected.

Features Added in HotFix - Build 6004

  • Enhancements to the Time entry module
    • Time entry type.
    • Additional cost.
    • Time entry additional fields.

Issues Fixed in HotFix - Build 6004

  • Email attachments gets corrupted - Fixed.
  • Javascript error [exception:[Object Error]] occurs when adding a New Request - Fixed.
  • The Product field gets erased when editing the request from the request view page - Fixed.
  • Priority field is not aligned when level is not selected - Fixed.
  • Default values of request additional field values not loaded in the request form - Fixed.

Issues Fixed in HotFix - Build 6003

  • A javascript popup error appears (parent.editor) when Category & Subcategory is not available in the selected list in Add New Request page.
  • A javascript error (showError is undefined) when adding New Request.
  • Account & Organization information get interchanged when edited.
  • Unit Price parsing problem in Product CSV import - Fixed.
  • Making additional fields mandatory does not take effect in Add New Request Page - Fixed.
  • Draft gets truncated when saving drafts - Fixed.
  • NullPointerException when clicking on Approval Link - Fixed.
  • ExecutedTime is now available in Timespent reports - Fixed
  • ExecutedTime reverts to unix epoch time (01-01-1970) - Fixed.
  • ExecutedTime display problem (24 hour format /12 hour format) - Fixed.
  • Line breaks does not appear in Time Entry descriptions - Fixed.
  • Contacts can view the time spent entry details irrespective of the Admin Settings - Fixed.
  • Product information erased when using Bulk edits from Request List Page - Fixed.
  • Error Page (blank.html) displayed on resolution tab of request view page - Fixed.
  • LastUpdated Field in Requests added to bring the currently modified (by customers) requests to the top - Fixed.
  • Mail fetching getting stopped due to pattern error - Fixed.
  • Description & Resolution fields in reporting - Added.
  • Notes disappearing when editing requests - Fixed.
  • Style problem (mails sent out with underline) when performing spell check - Fixed.
  • Editing account information does not allow to edit attachments - Fixed.

Issues Fixed in HotFix - Build 6001

  • Unable to hide login details from the login screen - Issue Fixed.
  • Unable to edit account details - Issue Fixed.
  • Unable to remove contact email from the contact information - Issue Fixed.
  • When creating request, Subcategory not loaded from Request Template - Issue Fixed.
  • Issue with editing Account based roles fixed.
  • Issue when adding a contact when creating the request is fixed.
  • Email fetching problem in MS-SQL is fixed.

Feature Enhancements in Upgrade Pack - Build 6000

  • MS-SQL Support
  • Account & Contacts Module
    • Outlook Integration
    • Ability to configure the customer portal
    • Ability to import product list information and product sale information from CSV
    • Additional fields for Product and Product Sales
    • Ability to reconcile multiple contacts as one contact
    • Ability to create Custom Views/Filters
    • Ability to add Advisory
  • Requests Module
    • Usability
      • Editing requests made simpler
      • Bulk edit of multiple requests
      • Merge option simplified
      • Ability to add notes from the list view page
    • Custom View/Filters
    • Predefined request templates
    • Drafts for requests
    • Request approval option
    • Support to specify mandatory columns when closing a request
    • Scheduled requests
    • Ability to split a request into multiple tasks
    • Category remodelled as Category - Subcategory - Item
    • Spell check
    • Ability to log the actual time of the time entry
    • SLA notification generated at a configured time period prior to the request becoming overdue
  • General
    • Keep me signed in feature
  • Reports Module
    • Query reports
    • Ability to mail reports in any format
    • Links from reports to original requests
    • Contact based reports
    • Ability to provide access to reports to SupportReps without providing administrator privileges.

Issues Fixed in HotFix - Build 5036

  • Product list display in Add New Request, based on configuration(Admin tab -> Settings -> Product Display) - Changed.
  • Formatting issues with incoming emails send from Outlook - Fixed.
  • Ability to edit the contact information from the Request View Page - Fixed.
  • Contacts search goes directly to the Contact List View Page - Fixed
  • Link to view all the requests from a given account - Issue Fixed.
  • Zip/Postal codes added in CSV Import.
  • In some cases, reports created using Product field gave wrong results - Fixed.
  • In reports, when a field with pickup values was selected for criteria, it showed empty list - Fixed.
  • Improved e-mail fetching functionality
  • Error generated when removing login for contact - Fixed.

Issues Fixed in HotFix - Build 5034

  • Product list shown in "Add New Request" does not contain the grouping based on Product Type - Fixed.
  • Style improper for date field during Account addition - Fixed.
  • Groups mentioned as Queues in reports - Fixed.
  • When editing a request, the whole product list was shown. Product list is now displayed based on the Account.
  • In IE, when the task "Edit title" in reports in cancelled, script error occurs - Issue Fixed.
  • Notifications not to be generated to contacts until approved - Fixed.
  • Approve contact automatically when reply is sent - Added.
  • Ability to disable contact login provided.
  • Unable to delete unapproved contacts is fixed.
  • When Solution topic names are created with an apostrophe, the View Permissions tree is not constructed - Fixed
  • Custom report for Accounts with user-defined fields was not working - Fixed.
  • Spaces missing at random places in the conversation content - Fixed.


Issues Fixed in Service Pack - Build 5032

  • Product not set when defined in action section of the business rules.
  • Script error while editing report title.
  • SSL certificate was not generated properly.
  • Search of accounts resulted in an empty page.
  • Incorrect group notification when group was assigned via the "Assign To" interface.
  • Issue in restoring data when server is running in https mode.
  • Error upgrading to the latest build when survey entries were present.

Features Added in Service Pack - Build 5031

  • Enhancements in the reporting module which includes Custom Reporting, scheduling, improved charting, extensive querying facilities, exporting data as PDF, CSV etc
  • HTTPS Support
  • Ability to define criteria to avoid spam
  • Support for Inline images
  • System errors such as mail fetching getting stopped to be notified to the admin
  • Improved reply editor
  • Redesigned request view page for improved usability
  • Ability to view whether the latest conversation in a request was from the Support Rep or from a contact in the request list view page

Issues Fixed in Service Pack- Build 5031

  • Performance related issues addressed
  • Bug in business rule when comma separated values is added in the action, only the last value was stored - Issue Fixed
  • Forwarded mails included as part of notifications - Fixed
  • Earlier reporting used time spent entries of requests that were in the closed state. Now, the time spent entries are picked irrespective of the request state - Corrected
  • Issue of Support Reps not notified on request assignment is fixed
  • Unable to close requests in Onhold state - Issue Fixed
  • Contact's Account & phone number not getting updated when adding new request - Issue Fixed
  • Associating contacts & products to account immediately after account addition was giving duplicate entries - Issue Fixed
  • Request view page appears distorted when the incoming request has html tags such as "style" - Issue Fixed
  • Inability to add time spent entry - Issue Fixed
  • Script error when adding resolution - Issue Fixed

Features Added in HotFix - build 5020 & above

  • Define permissions for the solution topics for each account
  • Automatic addition of contacts made configurable
  • Ability to define max attachment size allowed
  • More fields (Account & Product) in SLA & Business Rules
  • Ability to display additional fields in the list view
  • Account information available in the request view page
  • Contacts allowed to view time spent entries based on configuration
  • Ability to assign multiple contacts to an account from the Contact List View page
  • Autocompletion of names in the text boxes
  • Additional request view - Open & Unassigned
  • Last mail fetched time displayed in Email settings form

Issues Fixed in HotFix - build 5020 & above

  • Request ID jumps by 300 every time the server is restarted - is fixed
  • Solution search for special characters is fixed
  • Issues in Custom Report are fixed
  • Issues with HTML content editing & HTML display of requests are fixed
  • Notifications not generated when non-admin tech is assigned with mail authentication issue fixed
  • Script errors when replying is fixed

Features Added in HotFix - build 5008

  • Attachment for Account included.
  • UDF fields included on notification.

Issues Fixed in HotFix - build 5008

  • When importing Accounts and Contacts using a CSV file, only the first contact was getting associated to the Account. This issue is fixed.
  • Issue of improper replacement of Contact Name in notifications fixed.
  • Issue when changing port number during installation is fixed.
  • Contacts can be provided the option to view only their own requests or all the requests of the account.
  • Time spent report added based on Account & Contact.
  • Exception of "Insufficient Privilege" in the requests tab when the contact logs in - is fixed.
  • Windows Service name clash that was preventing ServiceDesk and SupportCenter from being installed on the same machine - is fixed.

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