Knowledge Base - Citrix Workspace Patch Download Failure



You are trying to publish the patches of Citrix Workspace App and you get the error : "Patch Download Failure".


Patch publishing of Citrix Workspace App will fail from Patch Connect Plus to WSUS due to some issue in the session keys and hash keys of the download link.


Follow the steps given below to publish Citrix Workspace updates to SCCM via Patch Connect Plus,

  1. Download the updates of Citrix Workspace app manually.
  2. If you're using a Patch Connect Plus build version 90065 or above
    • You'll be able to find an option to 'Upload and Publish now' near the Download failed error message. Using this option you can publish the patch.
    • upload and publish

  3. If you're using a Patch Connect Plus build version below 90065
    • Navigate to the <PatchConnectPlus Installed Directory>\webapps\ROOT\store
    • For patch "CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe", Create a new folder "66040615-aabf-4869-81b7-64c1ebcfc8b6" and paste the downloaded Citrix Workspace update.
    • In the Download failed Patches view in the Home page, select the updates, click Download and Publish Now.

In case if this problem continues, kindly Contact Support

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