Knowledge Base - Connection Timeout!


When Patch Connect Plus downloads patches from vendor sites, the process fails with error "Connection Time Out / Bug in Authorization Handling / Connection Refused"


Patch download fails in the following scenarios related with Proxy issues.

  1. Proxy Not Defined or incorrect Password or incorrect Proxy Host 
    incorrect Proxy Port or Proxy User Authentication Issue
  2. Low bandwith / Delay in Downloading Patches
  3. Downloads from the Patch Connect Plus (java.exe) is blocked by the firewall/proxy


  1. Ensure that you have provided the correct Proxy details.
  2. Retry the process to download the patch or the software from the respective vendors website.
  3. Verify "Application Control Policy" settings in your firewall/proxy, to ensure that downloads from the Patch Connect Plus (java.exe) is not blocked.

In case if this problem continues, kindly Contact Support

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