Knowledge Base - Failed to verify WSUS Server!


You are trying to configure WSUS Settings you get an error : "Failed to verify WSUS Server!" or "Unable to connect to WSUS server. Insufficient privileges".


You get this error when WSUS and Patch Connect Plus are installed on different computers and Patch Connect Plus fails to configure settings in WSUS installed machine due to insufficient privileges.          


Provide credentials with sufficient privileges to connect to the WSUS installed machine. This can also be done manually by following the steps given below,

  1. Ensure that the Patch Connect Plus installed machine's computer$ account is a member of the WSUS Administrators group. 
  2. Change the ownership of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AppID\{8F5D3447-9CCE-455C-BAEF-55D42420143B} to WSUS Administrators.
  3. For the above mentioned registry key ensure Administrators and System have full control.
  4. Follow the steps given below to modify security permissions of WSusCertServer Dcom object
    1. Launch Dcomcnfg.exe in elevated mode. 
    2. Select "Component Services", right click "WSusCertServer" and choose properties
    3. Under WSusCertServer properties, select security
    4. Under “Launch and Activation Permissions” enable Local Launch, Remote Launch, Local Activation and Remote Activation for SYSTEM account, WSUS Administrators group and Administrators group
    5. Under  “Access Permissions” enable Local Acces and Remote Access for SYSTEM account, WSUS Administrators group and Administrators group
    6. Under "Configuration Permissions" provide full control for SYSTEM account, WSUS Administrators group and Administrators group
  5. Restart WSusCertServer service.

In case if this problem continues, kindly Contact Support

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