Steps to deploy Adobe updates in SCCM using Patch Connect Plus


With over 15 Million active subscriptions, Adobe is one among the most popular range of software for individual use and business productivity. There is an increasing number of patches that roll out for different Adobe applications on a regular basis and is important to manage and distribute Adobe updates to systems on a systematic basis.

 Video Guide to distributing Adobe updates 

Steps involved

Publishing Adobe patches to SCCM

Follow the steps given below to automatically publish Adobe patches to SCCM,

  1. Once logged in to Patch Connect Plus console, under 'Available Updates' tab, search for the Adobe update that you wish to publish to SCCM
  2. Select the required update(s) and click on 'Publish Now' button to publish the selected patches
  3. This might take a few minutes depending on the number of patches selected and file size.
  4. Once patches are published, Patch Connect Plus automatically initiates as WSUS-SCCM synchronization 
  5. After completion of sync the published patches will be available from SCCM console.

You have now successfully published the Adobe patches to SCCM console

Deploying Adobe Patches in SCCM

To deploy the published Adobe patches using SCCM follow the steps given below,

Step 1: Go to SCCM console, under 'All software updates' search for the update(s) that were published using Patch Connect Plus.

Adobe updates

Step 2: Select the required patches, right click and then select 'Deploy'.

Adobe updates

Step 3: Configure Deployment settings, Scheduler Details, User Experience, Alerts, Download Settings and Deployment Package settings.

Step 4: Specify the location from where the update(s) has to be downloaded and click Next . This location is the shared WSUS server content folder to which the patches were published by Patch Connect Plus . Folder example:  <wsus server name>\WSUSContent 


Java updates

Step 5: Complete the remaining steps in the deployment wizard and click Close.

You have now successfully deployed the updates in SCCM using Patch Connect Plus.

For a complete step by step tutorial for configuring individual settings in SCCM deployment wizard, refer Deploying published patches in SCCM

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