What happens when existing devices are rediscovered? 

Rediscovery can be performed by the following methods:

  1. Device specific:
    When you have individual devices that needs to be rediscovered,
    1. Go to Inventory, and click on the device.
    2. In the Device Snapshot page, select the Rediscover Device option from the Menu.
    3. In the following screen that appears, choose the appropriate Credentials and click on the Rediscover Now option.
  2. Discovery Profile:
    You can perform rediscovery on a large number of devices from Discovery Profile.
    For OpManager versions below 125174
    1. Go to Settings > Discovery and choose Existing Devices.
    2. Select the devices/group/business veiw that needs to be rediscovered.
    3. Select the Credentials and navigate further to assign Rules or associate Interfaces.
    4. Schedule the profile or click on Save and Execute to initiate rediscovery

    5. existing devices 
    For OpManager versions 125174 and above
    1. Go to Settings > Network Discovery and click on the Rediscovery tab.
    2. Click on the Rediscover Devices option, select the devices/group/business veiw that needs to be rediscovered and select the required Credentials.
    3. Schedule the profile by clicking on the Schedule option or save and initiate the process by clicking on the Save option.

    Unknown Devices:

    When existing devices are discovered as Unknown, choose the proper credential on rediscovery and they will be associated with appropriate device template, provided the SysOID of the device matches with any of the existing or custom device template.

    Note: Custom edits made to the devices will not be removed during ReDiscovery. However, RAM, Interface, Device Profile and HDD information will be updated.

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