A typical Fortinet Fortigate firewall appliance protects against known exploits, malware and malicious websites using continuous threat intelligence provided by FortiGuard Labs security services. It detects unknown attacks using dynamic analysis and provides automated mitigation to stop targeted attacks. It also provides industry-leading performance and protection for SSL encrypted traffic.

Fortigate monitoring tool: ManageEngine OpManager

Using OpManager as a Fortinet Firewall monitoring tool, you can gain visibility into Fortigate's health, uptime, availability graphs and reports, all in an easy-to-comprehend dashboard for the following critical performance metrics:

Health and Availability Status Reporting: History of firewall device performance monitoring and downtime statistics can be viewed as real time or scheduled reports. Color coded data of when the device was Up, On Maintenance, Dependant unavailable, On hold, down, not monitored is available in OpManager. Ping device and trace route options are most useful to IT admins.

Device summary and interface status: All devices connected to the firewall comprise the device inventory. Interfaces connected to the firewall, their Tx traffic, Rx traffic, and uptime graphs are provided in the OpManager UI.

Fortigate network monitoring: You can set various advanced availability, usage, and performance monitors namely for your Fortigate firewall network such as:

  • Active sessions
  • Active SSL VPN Users
  • Active VPN SSL Tunnels 
  • Active sessions
  • CPU Utilization
  • Current number of users logged in through SSL-VPN tunnels in the virtual domain
  • Drop Events Statistics
  • HA Status
  • HTTP session count
  • IP Routing discards
  • Jabber Packets 
  • Memory Utilization
  • Network Interfaces 
  • Number of Fragments 
  • Oversize Packet
  • Packets Received
  • Packets to BC Address 
  • Packets to MC Address 
  • Sys Up Time
  • System serial 
  • System Version
  • Total Memory Capacity 
  • Total Memory Usage
  • Total No. of Collisions 
  • Total No. of Octets
  • Undersize Packet 
  • VPN tunnel current status

Fortigate Network Monitoring Tools - ManageEngine OpManager

Fortinet Firewall Bandwidth Monitoring - ManageEngine OpManager

Monitor Network Traffic Fortigate - ManageEngine OpManager

Fortigate Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine OpManager

Firewall security monitoring

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer is an OpManager add-on, Fortigate firewall monitor tool which also functions as a stand alone tool for effective firewall log analysis. It helps to collect, analyze, and report firewall security and traffic logs. These reports help identify internal and external network threats.

Firewall bandwidth monitoring

Fortigate SNMP monitoring is accomplished in OpManager using the SNMP protocol. To obtain in-depth data about bandwidth and traffic management KPIs, flow technology is needed. ManageEngine Netflow Analyzer is OpManager's Fortigate Bandwidth Monitor add-on which also functions as a stand alone tool for network bandwidth and network traffic analysis. NetFlow Analyzer leverages flow technologies to provide real time visibility into the network bandwidth performance and forensics of firewalls and all other network devices supporting flow technology.

OpManager, additionally, ensures the availability and optimum performance of your networks, servers, bandwidth, network device configurations, network security, IP addresses, and switch ports. This makes OpManager a holistic tool for all your IT Operations Management needs.


Why is Fortigate firewall performance monitoring crucial?

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