Google Maps API 

OpManager uses the Maps JavaScript API to offer Google Map functionality. This API is provided by Google and has a specified free-usage limit beyond which additional charges will be incurred by the customer.

Where is this API used?

Following is a list of pages in which Maps JavaScript API is used in OpManager. 

  • Under Maps section, in the "Google Map" overview.
  • NOC View - one request every 30 seconds (minimum time period) - approximate number of requests per day is 24 hours x 60 minutes x 2 times = approx. 2880 map load requests
  • Dashboard - one request every 10 minutes (minimum time period) - approximate number of requests per day is 24 hours x 6 requests per hour = 144 map load requests.
  • Google Map Homepage- one request per visit (every time the Google Maps homepage is accessed/ loaded)
  • In NFA maps- a map load request is sent every time a device is added in Google Maps. The usage limit for add device is 2,500 per day.

Note: The above stats are just an approximation of the usage. There are other factors that may influence load requests and subsequently the usage of the API. E.g. Each click on "Severity" or using "Type filters" in Maps will result in a map load request, etc.

Important Notes:

  1. The pricing model and usage limit regulations for this API are maintained by Google and any revisions are performed under their discretion. 
  2. The additional charges levied by using this feature over the specified free-usage limit, will be payable by the customer. 
  3. ManageEngine is not liable to repay/reimburse any of these expenses. 

For further information on Google's Maps JavaScript API usage limit, refer



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