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Predefined Configuration Templates

Such templates are predefined configurations that help in achieving a specific task. While you can deploy any configuration by defining them on your own, predefined templates help to get things done faster.

Predefined Templates

To view the list of available templates, navigate to Templates from Configurations tab. This will list all the templates provided by Endpoint Central. You can also filter the view by selecting an appropriate category from the combo box. The templates are tagged as below:

  • Control Panel
  • Hard Disk Maintenance
  • Internet Explorer
  • Network
  • Power Management
  • Proxy Configuration
  • Restrict Media
  • Security
  • Service Management
  • System Tools
  • USB Security
  • User Management
  • XP Firewall Management

To use these template, follow the steps given below:

  1. Navigate to Templates from Configurations tab to view the templates.
  2. Choose the appropriate template and click Create Configuration for creation of a configuration using the selected template.