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Viewing Installed Patches

The Installed Patches view provides the details of the patches that are installed in your network.

To view the list of Installed Patches, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Click the Patch Mgmt tab.
  2. Under Patches, Select Installed Patches.

Patches View

You can view the details of the patches that are installed in your network. Installed patches are further listed under specific views like patch view, computer view and detailed view. You can also generate reports by selecting specific options from the pre-defined filters provided. You can filter the patch by Application, service pack, bulletin, patch type, approval status, download time, release time etc.,  

To install multiple patches, select the patches and click Install/Publish Patches, which will open the Install Patch Configuration from where you can select the targets and deploy. The target will be listed based on the selected patches. If the selected patches were applicable for windows operating system, then the target will be computers using the Windows operating system.

Note: You can choose to uninstall the patch, by selecting the patches and clicking the Uninstall Patch button. Uninstallation will be done only if Endpoint Central supports uninstallation of the specific patches.

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