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The network, server and virtualization monitoring software

Scheduled, automated emailing of periodic reports

It is not just network fault notifications that OpManager sends to you wherever you are, anytime of the day. OpManager's Report Scheduler allows you to automate creation of reports as well as have these reports periodically mailed to desired recipients. The report creation is aided by a number of flexible provisions which help make powerful, extensive reports. A few frequently used examples of automated reports are given below:

  • An end-of-day report on the availability of all the servers in the Datacenter
  • Weekly performance report of all your servers' CPU, memory and disk utilization
  • An end of day report on the availability & performance of all the devices in a particular business servicing group e.g. the ERP system
  • Monthly reports on the bandwidth utilization on all router interfaces

Network report schedules


Scheduling of reports

Scheduling of reports