OpManager -

The network, server and virtualization monitoring software

Monitor your network files and folders

using OpManager

Besides the existing essential application performance monitoring features, OpManager provides file and folder monitoring functionality that lets you instantly detect storage subsystem problems, unexpected steep increase in disk utilization and proliferating files and folders in storage servers.

The agent-less monitoring capability lets you quickly start monitoring both the local and remote files and folders. OpManager monitors these file and folders and alert you straightaway, if it finds any deviations from the expected behavior.

File Monitoring

File Monitoring

OpManager delivers an agentless file monitoring feature that lets you monitor the file's presence, changes made to the file, its size and age. This feature comes handy when you monitor heavy data processing file/ database servers and application's log files.

OpManager v9.2 brings in a new agent-based log file monitoring to check for a particular content (string or a regular expression) in any application or service log file.

Folder Monitoring

Folder Monitoring

Similar to monitoring files in your network, you can also monitor the folders and track changes at the folder level. This feature helps you monitor

  • Folder size: Monitor increase or decrease in the folder size.
  • Existence of a file: Check for the availability of a folder in the specified directory.
  • Folder Modifications: Keep track of changes made to the folder or sub-folders.
  • Specific File Types:
    • Modification: Watch out for any changes made to a particular type of file (for e.g. *.log).
    • File Size/Age: Monitor particular files in a folder for changes in file size and age.
    • File count: Keep track of the number of files and sub-folders in a path.