Script Monitoring

Scripts provide great flexibility and is therefore very popular with network⁄server administrators. Many admins prefer using custom scripts to retrieve data specific to their needs. With the new custom script monitoring functionality in OpManager, you can now bring in these monitoring scripts or add new scripts under a single management console. OpManager’s script monitoring supports Powershell, Linux shell script, VBScript, Perl & Python scripts out-of-the-box. So, you can now manage Windows, Linux, or any other network monitoring scripts that you have been using.

These custom script monitors are further empowered by OpManager’s fault management features. For instance...

  • You can set thresholds for the script’s output and get alerted through Email ⁄ SMS, if it exceeds the specified threshold point
  • Have the alarms reflect on the Custom Dashboard ⁄ CCTV view widgets or as a web alert to facilitate NOC administrators
  • Automate an IT workflow sequence based on the script output or
  • Trigger corrective actions to remediate an abnormal situation

The ability to "Test Script" instantly from the edit screen and to export⁄ import script templates as an XML file, comes handy when you want to share or import templates from the user community. We have also enabled OTP based authentication to enhance the security for script operations like adding, editing and importing

The screenshot below well explains the different fields necessary for you to construct the script monitor.
  • Server Monitoring
  • Server Monitoring
  • Server Monitoring
  • Server Monitoring
To download more custom script monitoring templates, click here.
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