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To achieve 99.98% availability across 2 data centers with hundreds of servers hosting critical applications that serve students from over 45 countries. Or simply, running an every-hour-is-peak-hour IT business. Paul Chan, Infrastructure & Operations Manager, Universitas 21 Global chose ManageEngine OpManager to proactively monitor the infrastructure and maintains a robust pre-emptive strategy with regards to hardware failure and network outages. Universitas 21 Global enjoys 99.98% availability month after month and no longer experiences un-planned outages ever since they started using OpManager.

OpManager helps online students learn without hassles

The world's premier online Graduate School, Universitas 21 Global, uses ManageEngine OpManager for proactively monitoring its network infrastructure.

E-learning cuts through global boundaries and helps working professionals and busy executives gain access to higher education at their own time and pace. According to a report by World Bank, by 2020, more than 100 million people around the world seeking higher education will not be able to get it because of the lack of traditional educational facilities. This excessive demand for university seats has certainly proved to be an important factor in promoting eLearning as a viable alternative to brick-and-mortar institutions.

Universitas 21 Global, established in 2001, offers globally recognized graduate programs backed by 16 of the world's leading universities. It is a joint venture between Universitas 21, an international network of 16 distinguished universities and Thomson Learning. Headquartered in Singapore, Universitas 21 Global combines the traditional quality of its founders with innovative modes of delivery on the Internet, providing students with substantial learning advantages.

Hassle Free Network For Flexible Learning

Universitas 21 Global houses its servers in 2 different locations in Singapore. These servers are connected to the Internet via one of Singapore's (and Asia Pacific's) largest Internet backbone networks, extending coverage into key critical markets such as India, China, and the Middle East. With hundreds of servers delivering various aspects of the university to students, faculty and staff, Universitas 21 Global utilizes a best of breed learning management system and applications such as People Soft for its student selfservice portal with Oracle as its critical backend data-base.

Being an online graduate school, Universitas 21 Global took a serious view of availability and security in all of its manifestations. From Domain Name Service (DNS) servers to perimeter firewall defenses, Universitas 21 Global deployed multiple layers of redundancy such that should inevitable equipment failure occur, the highly available architecture ensures that traffic fails over to redundant paths, allowing Internet traffic to still flow to intended parties.

To ensure that all these components work the intended way, Universitas 21 Global employed ManageEngine OpManager to proactively monitor the infrastructure and maintain a robust preemptive strategy with regards to hardware failure and network outages.


Cost Effective Network Monitoring

Universitas 21 Global evaluated many tools, from open sourced monitoring software to the more expensive variants. However, they discovered deficiencies in software at both ends of the spectrum. Paul and his team found ManageEngine OpManager suiting their IT needs as well as their budget well.

"We were looking for a tool that is agentless, and works completely on SNMP. We used agent based monitoring systems before, and found that they were often the cause for the hanging and crashing of our servers. Being in the business of higher education for busy executives who travel around the world, network uptime is extremely important to us." explained Paul.

"I must say that OpManager surpassed my expectations completely, and I was initially very surprised that Manageengine were able to put together a package so tightly integrated for functional operations use. In fact, I am still amazed at the incredible value for money OpManager is." said Paul


Agile, Efficient, and Great Value For Money

One of the thingsOne of the things Paul admired in OpManager is the helpful and responsive support Manageengine provided.

" Many of the larger software vendors who are in the monitoring space are not as agile, responsive and able to listen to their clients as Manageengine. Since we bought OpManager, they have helped us put in the required MIBs and functionalities to poll and monitor some of our equipments which were not in the original device listing within OpManager. Which other software vendor can do that for its clients within a 2 month turn around? I am very impressed with OpManager." said Paul.

"OpManager consolidates everything I need to know about the health of my data center in one single dashboard. The GUI is easy to navigate and understand. We had OpManager up and running within minutes, and my team were examining it from day one of implementation, running polls and threshold tests to understand how OpManager worked. I am glad to say that OpManager is one of the best operations monitoring software that I have used, relative to the amazing price it has tagged itself with." he added.

ManageEngine - Your Strategic IT Partner

Paul is one among the thousands of network managers who rely on ManageEngine solutions to effectively manage their network infrastructure.

ZOHO Corporation's ManageEngine suite of products are purpose built to serve enterprise IT departments. In addition to OpManager, ManageEngine suite includes tools such as NetFlow Analyzer -- a NetFlow based router traffic monitoring tool, Applications Manager -- an applications/ database monitoring tool, ServiceDesk Plus -- a ticketing tool for help desk professionals, WiFi Manager -- an integrated WiFi security and management tool for 802.11 networks, and OpUtils -- a rich set of 40+ tools for IT professionals. Together, these tools offer everything that is required for an integrated, enterprise class IT management experience.

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