Mobile Device Management for Windows

Endpoint Central provides robust Mobile Device Management support for Windows phone 8, 8.1 and 10 versions. Endpoint Central empowers administrators to monitor, manage, audit and secure the corporate data with the help of Windows Mobile Device Management. IT administrators can simplify the management of Windows devices in an enterprise by implementing a Windows MDM solution to secure, manage, and monitor these devices. IT administrators can use Windows mobile device management software to enroll devices, assign them to users, distribute apps and content to them, and enforce security policies to prevent data leaks.


Windows Device Management - Key Features

Device Enrollment

  • Over-the-Air (OTA) enrollment of devices with Microsoft's in-built device management client
  • Enable users to help themselves with a self-service portal
  • Authenticate enrollment with a one-time passcode or user's Active Directory credential
  • Enroll multiple devices for same user
  • Bulk Enrollment to enroll multiple devices in a single click

Windows device Enrollment

Profile Management

  • Create and Configure Email settings policy for IMAP & POP and Exchange
  • Configure WiFi, VPN, allowing Cellular data usage while Roaming, etc.
  • Customise Passcode from simple to complex depending on the need
  • Segregate windows phones based on corporate or BYOD and apply policies & restrictions

App Management

  • Manage and distribute in-house Apps
  • Distirbute the Apps in App Catalog for users to choose and install it themselves
  • Perform silent installation of apps
  • Segregate blacklist and whitelist of apps
  • Option for "Remove Device" or "Corporate Wipe" action to delete distributed apps automatically
  • Fetch reports to monitor the status of installed apps in device
  • Secure way of assigning apps to users


Security Management

  • Remote lock the device to prevent any mishaps of the device
  • Configure Security Settings such as restricting copy paste operations, location services, camera, NFC, and much more
  • Perform remote alarm to identify the lost device
  • Perform clean wipe to prevent data loss/theft
  • Perform corporate wipe to erase products distirbuted via Mobile Device Management

Audits & Reports

  • Perform assertive monitoring by generating updated reports on the status of the Windows Phones by Mobile Device Management
  • Generate customized reports based on criteria such as Apps by Devices, Devices by Model, etc.