Deploy business applications using the self-service portal.

Software distribution is a routine task, across enterprises. Administrators need to either  install or uninstall business-critical software applications based on an employee's role and business need. Other software applications, such as Java plug-in, Flash player, and Adobe Reader, are also widely used across an organization. These applications are commonly used by all employees, irrespective of roles, and can be either free or commercial. 


Software distribution becomes a challenge when common applications need to be deployed to many systems based on user requests. When users change roles or departments, they may require different software applications based on their latest role or department. Some users may  require the application only for a specific time period, or the software application installed on their computer might be corrupted. In such cases, users raise requests and wait for the requests to be resolved. This makes software deployment an ongoing and a recurrent task. 

Benefits of the Self-Service Portal

Endpoint Central's self-service portal is a one of the software deployment methods that helps meet software distribution challenges. All IT-approved software applications can be published to all users, specific groups, or departments. The published software applications are listed on the self-service portal in the Endpoint Central's agent tray. From this list, users can choose to either install or uninstall the software as required. The self-service portal empowers users to install/uninstall the software applications as and when they are required, eliminating the wait time. The self-service portal also makes software distribution more dynamic and easy, saving your administrator time and effort.

The following are some of the key tasks that the self-service portal helps accomplish:-

  • Publish software to all users, computers, or specific groups.
  • Empower users to install/uninstall IT-approved software from the self-service portal.
  • Publish both free and commercial software.
  • Save time spent on software distribution.

To learn the steps to publish your software, please refer to this document.