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Recovering deleted Google Workspace mails

This post will explain how you can restore entire mailboxes or individual mails from an existing Google Workspace backup using RecoveryManager Plus.

Note: Make sure you have a valid backup of your Google Workspace mailbox. For detailed instructions on how to create a backup, click here.
  1. Log into RecoveryManager Plus as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to Google Workspace tab > Restore.
  3. Select the Account that has the Google account whose data you need to restore.
  4. In the Select Backup drop-down menu, select the schedule that contains the backed up data of the account to be restored.
  5. RecoveryManager Plus provides two views to explore objects in each backup:
    • User view: This is the default restoration view that provides a list of all users that were backed up in the selected schedule. This view also contains information like the histoy of each user's backup, size of the backed up mail, contacts, calendar and user drive data. Select the user you want to restore and click the Review and Restore button.
    • Backup view: This view provides the complete execution history of the selected backup schedule along with the number of items backed up during each cycle. Click the Review and Restore link beside the backup that contains the items to be restored.
  6. On the next screen that appears, the left pane provides the list of all users you have selected.
  7. To view how your Google account looked at any point in the past, select a date and time from the Snapshot field. The tree in the left pane will provide an exact representation of your Google account data at the selected instant. You can restore any item to the backed up state.
  8. Clicking on the name of any user will display the services (Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Drive) backed up for that user. For this scenario, choose Mail. You can also select Mail using the Services dropdown.
  9. Select the required items and click Restore to begin the restoration process.
  10. Click the Restore History link in the bottom-right corner of the screen to view the status of the last five restorations performed. Clicking the View All link in the pop-up will take you to the Operation History screen.

Your deleted mail is now restored.

For a hands-on experience in handling RecoveryManager Plus’s Exchange Online backup capabilities, try our web-hosted version.

To download RecoveryManager Plus, click here.


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