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About Cloud Protection

DataSecurity Plus' Cloud Protection helps keep track of an organization's web traffic, and enforce strict control measures over the use of cloud applications. This help doc aims to help users install and set up the module and manage cloud app usage in your endpoint devices.

With DataSecurity Plus' Cloud Protection, you can:

Monitor cloud app usage

Analyze the use of cloud applications across all endpoint devices in the organization, along with details such as app category, reputation score, etc.

Assess cloud app risk

Calculate the risk score of all cloud apps used in the organization by taking into account several factors, such as its age, underlying URLs, threat history, and so on.

Control the use of shadow apps

Discover shadow applications used in your organization and block their usage depending on the security threat they pose.

Block unsanctioned applications

Stop the use of cloud apps that are not intended for organizational use, such as shopping and gaming sites, by restricting access.

Supported Platforms

Cloud Protection gateway server audits all web traffic that passes through it and enforces policies on all cloud applications.

Special reporting capabilities are enabled for the following cloud applications:

  • Office 365 Applications (OneDrive, SharePoint, ..)
  • Dropbox
  • Box

Note: Web Services / Websites are denoted as cloud applications.

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