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Starting DataSecurity Plus

There are two ways to start DataSecurity Plus:

  • As a service (using the system account).
  • As an application (using the logged in user account).

Starting DataSecurity Plus as a service

  • Install DataSecurity Plus as a service.
  • Go to Windows > Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Services > ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus > Start the service.

Note: To run DataSecurity Plus as a service using a different account that has the required minimum privileges, go to Windows > Services and right-click ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus. Then select Properties > Log on and provide the credentials of the account you want to use to run DataSecurity Plus as a service.

Starting DataSecurity Plus as an application

  • Install DataSecurity Plus as an application.
  • Go to Windows > DataSecurity Plus > Start DataSecurity Plus server.

Troubleshooting: “Windows security alert: Windows Firewall has blocked some features of this program.”

To start DataSecurity Plus, unblock the following programs:

  • Database Server
  • JavaTM 2 Platform Standard Edition binary

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