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Known errors and solutions

Known errors and suitable solutions are documented below to help with resolving issues quickly.

Error code System message Cause Solution
80070005 Access denied Insufficient credentials to collect audit data Provide the permissions and privileges laid out in this guide
8004106C WMI Quota violation/Memory leak WMI is taking up too much memory We recommend using Native mode for event collection to overcome errors while using the WMI service to collect event log data
However, the error might be fixed automatically at the next event collection
800706BA The RPC server is unavailable The temporary inability of software to connect to a domain controller or file server on account of the server being down, unreachable, or busy Ensure that the ports listed in the port configuration guide are not blocked by firewalls
8007200f Authentication error When DataSecurity Plus is unable to contact a DC Try to ping all the configured DCs from the computer where the product is installed
If you are able to ping all the DCs and the issue persists, please contact support
8007203a The server is not operational
Database Growth - - Archive log data periodically by following the steps in this guide.

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