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Global overview

In the Global Overview dashboard, gain a quick snapshot of essential audit data of all configured servers within the selected domain. You can use the Select the Domain option at the top-right corner. The Reset button next to the domain drop-down helps in reverting changes to the default layout.

By default, you will have an overview of the following data:

  • Server-based summary displaying the total number of events for every server across the selected domain.
  • File copy events graph displaying the total number of file copy events recorded for the file servers in the domain.
  • Security changes displaying the total number of security permission changes across file servers.
  • Failure events displaying the total number of all failed file access attempts.
  • Move or Rename events displaying the total number of files moved or renamed in configured shares.
  • File delete events displaying the count of files deleted from file servers.

Tip: Toggle between the Last 24 Hours and the Last 7 Days views to spot anomalous changes and deviations.

Note: Hover over the individual graphs to edit labels, remove graphs from dashboard, or refresh data.

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