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Cloud Access Report

Follow the steps to view the default report categories provided by DataSecurity Plus' Cloud Protection module.

  • Select Cloud Protection from the apps drop-down menu at the top.
  • Navigate to Reports → General.
  • Select the desired time range using the Period drop-down menu.
  • Choose any of the default reports and view the relevant data.

Recent Requests

Contains every web application request sent to the gateway server, with details on data upload and download size.

Recent Plain HTTP Requests

Contains detailed information on the HTTP web application requests.

Recent Connect Requests

Lists all web applications that have established network connections.

Recent Failed Requests

Lists failed web applications requests and the reason for failure.

Top Cloud Apps

Lists cloud applications with high request count, download, and upload data size.

Top Actors

Lists client devices with the most web application requests.

Browser Usage

Displays the download and upload activities in browsers.

Top Actors x Cloud Apps

Displays the cloud app request details such as its count, upload, and download activities for the most active users.

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