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Schedule reports

Follow the steps below to schedule the delivery of reports to administrators' mailboxes.

  • Click the File Audit tab. Go to Configuration > Settings > Schedule Configuration.
  • Click on + Schedule New Report at the top right corner.
  • Provide a suitable name for the schedule.
  • Choose the frequency of the schedule, and the date the schedule is to be started.
  • Specify the format (PDF, HTML, CSV, XLSX) in which you want to receive the reports and where the reports are to be stored.
  • Specify the email IDs to which the reports are to be sent.
  • Then, click on + Add New Reports at the bottom right corner.
  • Select the server. Then select the audit and analysis reports you wish to receive. While choosing the reports, select the time range of the audit data.
  • Click Save Reports.
  • Click Save to run the schedule at the configured time, or click Save & Run to run the schedule once immediately, and then again at the configured time.

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