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Scheduling scans

Note: This help page is applicable only to DataSecurity Plus installations prior to build 6050 and updated to the latest version. For details on scan settings in fresh installations, refer to this page.

Follow the steps below to schedule data discovery scans:

  • Click the Risk Analysis tab. Go to Configuration > Scan Configuration > Schedule.
  • Click + Add Schedule at the top-right corner.
  • Name the schedule and include an appropriate description.
  • Choose the policies to be scanned.
  • Select the shares to scan.
  • Enable Incremental File Scan.
  • Best Practice: Always choose the incremental file scan option unless it is a one-time scan. This reduces the run time by scanning only new or modified files.

  • Enter Schedule Duration.
  • Select the Starting Date.
  • Specify the exclusion timing.
  • Tip: Data discovery by itself is a CPU-intensive task. Add the most critical business hours to exclusion timings to minimize disruptions in productivity.

  • Click Add.
  • Click Save.

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