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Configuring your solutions

Choose the solution you're evaluating or have licensed from the list below, and follow the steps provided to configure it.


File Auditing

Audit, report on, and create alerts for all file accesses and modifications made in your file server environment in real time.


Endpoint DLP

Detect, disrupt, and respond to sensitive data leaks via endpoints, i.e. USBs, email, and more through security monitoring for effective data leak prevention (DLP).


Data Risk Assessment

Inspect the content, context, and permissions of enterprise files; classify them based on their sensitivity and vulnerability; and more across Windows file storage and MSSQL databases.


File Analysis

Detect permission inconsistencies, spot files with open access, and optimize storage by locating and deleting junk files.


Cloud Protection

Track your organization's web traffic, gain visibility into upload and download requests, restrict the use of harmful web apps, assess the use of shadow IT, and more.


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