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Default alerts

In DataSecurity Plus, email notifications are triggered based on alert profile configurations. As soon as a file server is set up, the event collection and processing starts, cross-verifying the events generated with the default alert configuration.

The Alerts tab shows details on the alerts that have been triggered on the selected Server in the defined Period.

You can view the categorical and profile-wise breakdowns on the alerts, reports on their source, who triggered them, where, and whether a threshold was breached.

Below are the default Alerts in DataSecurity Plus' File Auditing solution:

File/Folder Moved or Renamed Alert

Alerts when critical files have been moved, renamed, or overwritten.

File/Folder Security Changes Alert

Notifies in the event of security changes, i.e., permission changes, SACL changes, and owner changes.

File/Folder Removed Alert

Alerts when sensitive files have either been overwritten or deleted.

Media Files Alert

Notifies data owners or admins about instances of media files present in the environment.

Ransomware Files Alert

Notifies in the event of a potential ransomware attack.

Threshold-based Alert

Notifies in the event of sudden, anomalous changes or a spike in file access events.

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