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Manage agent

On the Manage Agent page, you can check the status of and manage the agent service, driver service, configuration sync, and agent properties.

Under Configuration > Administration > Manage Agent, you'll find the following details:

  • The Agent Service table to check if the agent is installed and running. The agent can be installed/uninstalled and started/stopped using the buttons on this table.
  • The Driver Service table to check if the driver service is installed and running.
  • The Configuration Sync table to check the last sync time and the sync status of individual configurations. Each configuration can be synced using the corresponding buttons.
  • The Agent Property table to compare the values of the agent properties in the Agent itself and the server. If the properties match, the status is marked with a green check.
  • The status of RPC and HTTP communication.
  • An option to download and install the agent in the required file server manually.
  • The Agent Detail table checks the agent's auto-installation status. Agent auto-installation can be enabled or disabled from here by clicking the corresponding button.

In case of HTTP communication failure, follow the steps in this guide.

For more details on DataSecurity Plus' agent, view the Agent Document.

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