Customer Support Software for Financial Institutions

In financial institutions, the whole business revolves around time. Time is money. Timely support to the customers is the real deal maker in this industry which has cut-throat competition. Be it a bank, or stock broking or financial consulting, servicing the customers is the most important aspect of business. Financial Institutions have always been an early adopter in the modern technologies as they have made their life simple and secure. SupportCenter Plus as an customer support software has been helping a number of financial service companies in various domains like banking, consulting, insurance etc., to

serve the customers better

Multi tenancy


Key Features


  • Affordable, easy to use and quick implementation. No need of any installation in the client's place as the Support Portal can be accessed through web.
  • Each business unit can be independent of the other, which helps the in administering the support queries in a more organized way
  • Customize Self Service Portal for clients and the respective contacts according to your needs
  • Increase support efficiency by reducing repetitive queries and high volume of tickets and calls
  • Organize and integrate computer telephony with your Customer Support in order to provide better user experience with your call center and customer support.
  • Keep the clients and their staff informed Use Remote control to access the client's desktop and support through internet. Increase support productivity.
  • Create performance and efficiency reports of your customer support staff. Manage your resources effectively
  • 24 X 7 support for your clients.

How Business Units can be used by a Financial Institution?

Financial services are divided in to different domains like Banking, Insurance, Stock Broking, Financial Consulting etc. Each has their own way of doing business and SupportCenter Plus' business units can be customized according to the nature of Business. For instance, if a bank wants to implement business units through SupportCenter Plus, each business unit can be implemented separately in the application. A bank can have different business units like Credit Card, Accounts and Deposits. Each division will have sub-branches like the accounts can have Savings and Current account. The customers can be companies or individuals. The same 4-level hierarchies will help other financial service companies to divide their organization in to different business units and support customers accordingly with complete flexibility.

Multi tenancy

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