Customer Support Software for Hospitals

Customer Support is very critical when it comes to hospitals. Hospitals usually have long procedures and processes as they deal with saving precious human lives. All the records of the patient should be maintained and monitored with utmost diligence and clarity. A perfect customer solution with a strong Account & Contact management will help hospitals to serve their patients in a better way.

Business Units

SupportCenter Plus with its robust Accounts and Contact Management will help the hospitals to manage the patient records in a better way. The data independency between the different departments can be maintained with the different business units. The Doctors and Support staff can be alerted on different situations based on the criticality of the request. SupportCenter plus is helping number of hospitals all over the world .


Key Features


  • Affordable, easy to use and quick implementation. You can easily install the software in your premises and start supporting your patients from day zero.
  • Customize Self Service Portal for clients and the respective contacts according to your needs.
  • Increase support efficiency by reducing repetitive queries and high volume of tickets and calls.
  • Organize and integrate computer telephony with your Customer Support in order to provide better service to your patients, doctors and staff.
  • Keep the doctors and staff informed about the various things in the hospital.
  • Create performance and efficiency reports of your customer support staff. Manage your resources effectively.
  • 24 X 7 support for your patients.

How Business Units can be used in your Hospital?

A hospital will have several departments based on the different specialties of medicine and also other critical departments like Radiology, Trauma Care etc., Each department can be made in to a business unit and each department will have their own team of doctors, staff nurses and support staff. Each department will have their own patients.

Business Units

For example, our ACME Hospital is a cardiac specialty hospital with 3 different departments, Radiology, Trauma Care and the General. Each department has different doctors, staff nurses and support technicians. ACME Hospital has implemented Business Unit for each of the department . The patients can be added as contacts directly without any association to any of the accounts.

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