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What is IT asset management?

IT asset management (ITAM) is the process of inventorying all hardware and software assets in an organization along with their financial, contractual, and asset relationship information. ITAM helps service desk teams minimize disruptions, speed up resolution processes, and increase ROI on IT expenditure.

Despite these benefits, a lot of service desks stick with spreadsheets and collaboration software like SharePoint to manage their IT, which just provide the illusion of ITAM. While spreadsheets are a welcome change to ledgers, they are static and often fail to give a complete overview of the life cycle of an asset from procurement to retirement. As a result, costs can skyrocket due to unprecedented purchases and expensive software audits.

Benefits of IT asset management

The upside of having an asset management system is that it offers a holistic view of your assets, which helps you:

  • Manage the complete life cycle of an asset.
  • Maintain a common asset repository.
  • Keep costs in check.
  • Optimize asset utilization.
  • Minimize risks by adhering to compliance regulations.
  • Respond quickly to software audits.

In this context, ITAM plays a crucial role in guiding companies to inventory their asset estate, eliminate assets that are prone to breakdowns, proactively address issues and improve efficiency. ITAM software enable the help achieve the above benefits through out of the box features, and automations and make managing assets easy at every stage of the asset life cycle. For example, barcode scanning, periodic network scanning, and other automations simplify the task of tracking and updating IT asset inventory, giving you a real-time view of all your assets in a single dashboard.

IT asset management feature checklist

Effective ITAM software provides an accurate account of IT assets and non-IT assets, and helps you make informed decisions. Usually a sound asset management system has capabilities like:

  •   Asset scanning and discovery
  •   Software asset management
  •   Software license management
  •   Purchase management
  •   Contract management
  •  Multi-site support
  •  Software metering
  •   Network inventory management
  •  Asset relationship management

One of the biggest applications of asset management software is in IT help desks. Most companies employ a small team to manage their IT help desk, and it's very common for help desks to receive requests on asset allocation or software upgrades. These types of requests usually require constant tracking of assets and asset relationships.

IT asset management in ServiceDesk Plus

With built-in asset management capabilities, our IT help desk software ServiceDesk Plus provides IT technicians with the status, allocation, history, and utilization of all IT and non-IT assets. Having all that information in one place makes it easy to look up an asset or pull up a software audit report.

What customers say about ServiceDesk Plus
What Customers Say
The asset management piece is probably the most important part of ServiceDesk Plus and the most helpful part of the tool. I would say that the asset management module has provided the biggest added value to the business.
Nicholas P. Arispe
system administrator, Radiology Associates

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