HighPerf Engine Introduction


HighPerf Reporting Engine is an add-on to ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer which is a high-performance database specially designed to improve raw data storage and facilitate faster report generation. The module can be downloaded from the download page and installed. The volume of traffic data is an exponentially increasing quantity. Traffic analysis is an important aspect of network bandwidth management. In order to improve accuracy of traffic analytics, it is important to store raw data for longer periods. Although aggregated data has its own advantages, raw data storage takes analytics to a new level of accuracy. Accurate analytics and sharper insights facilitate decisions such as capacity planning and provisioning enough bandwidth for certain critical applications on the network etc.

Why is raw data important?

Raw data is the account of traffic information at a given point of time. The raw traffic data is the key component in generating traffic reports and it is based on raw data that the IT Administrator heavily relies on. Raw data is of particular significance to an IT Administrator as it is the ultimate key to traffic analytics. Accurate and precise analysis of network traffic patterns can heppen only when the raw data is available for a considerable period of time.

How does it impact the reporting features?

As we have seen, raw data is the key to sharp analytics. With the Highperf Reporting Engine, the ability of NetFlow Analyzer to handle bulky volumes of traffic data is increased manifolds.

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High performance, Deep Packet Inspection and excellent report generation capability. Good Forensic analysis features.

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