Traffic Shapping

Shape your network traffic with Netflow Analyzer

Network admins already have real-time visibility into the network traffic with Netflow Analyzer's best-in-class network monitoring system. NetFlow Analyzer extends its scope from bandwidth monitoring & traffic analysis to offering powerful capability of traffic shaping which allows you to edit or apply QoS policy for mission-critical traffic. Qos traffic shaping feature adds the required flexibility for better bandwidth management capability. Now, monitor and edit QoS policies by viewing speed, utilization, IN & OUT traffic of devices along with their interface. Also, the router level configurations are done instantly such as setting QoS' DSCP codes, filtering ACL rules & service policies.

qos Traffic Shaping

Thus Netflow Analyzer now can be leveraged as a bandwidth shaping software since solves the most important task for Network Managers and Internet Service Providers, which is to prioritize and differentiate traffic for critical applications or users, and edit bandwidth configurations to help them to provide various bandwidth rates to their users which also helps them with billing.

Features of the Bandwidth Shaping Tool:

  • Edit the QoS policies using the NBAR (Network based Application Recognition) app
  • Manage various QoS settings by editing the DSCP (differentiated services code point) codes
  • Filter traffic based on host address using the ACL (Application Control List) setting
  • Set CBQoS (Class-Based Quality of Service) for traffic loss due to the post policy drops in the network
Traffic shaping software

NetFlow Analyzer allows you to select a configuration from our predefined bandwidth profiles which can also be customized to shape your network application traffic based on class and queue setting.

Benefits of using the Bandwidth Shaping Tool:

  • Guarantees tiered-Service level offering to end users
  • Accelerates network traffic and application performance
  • Detects consumption of abnormal bandwidth to avoid congestion in the network
  • Maximizes resource utilization by effective bandwidth allocation and utilization for critical apps
  • Block attacker IP's and limit unwanted traffic.