Benefits of Security Analytics

Security Analytics module from ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Enterprises following traditional security systems to detect cyberattacks can only detect known attacks such as DoS or DDoS. Although firewalls and other IDS tools have threat detection advantages, the use of only preknown rules or signatures will not detect all of today's zero-day intrusions. As the traffic generated each day in an enterprise network is high, detecting zero-day intrusions, internal threats, and IDS using signature-based tools can be resource intensive. What network admins should rely on is network behavior anomaly detection. These solutions help detect traffic patterns so that the unusual behavior of the network can be taken into account as an event needing immediate action.

Security Analytics is a security monitoring module of NetFlow Analyzer that enables the Continuous Stream Mining Engine which classifies and groups events. It delivers a detailed view of the network's security posture by providing a view into information about the network's anomalies, thus helping security teams take better actions.

Benefits of Security module

  • Centralized agentless traffic data collection, analysis and management
  • Seamless visibility into both external and internal security threats
  • Context-sensitive zero-day intrusion / network anomaly detection capabilities
  • Continuous overall security posture assessment
  • Proactive feedback-driven access and traffic policy decisions
  • Actionable and real-time decision support system

Technical Capabilities

  • High throughput and low latency stream processing
  • Asynchronous and parallel data processing
  • Rapid rules engine and flexible criteria profiles
  • Contextual resource modeling and problem heuristics
  • Advanced event correlation and mining algorithms

Why choose the Security Analytics module's add-on?

Auto Discard Flows

Auto Discard Flows

  • Whitelist specific flows for distinct problems
  • Extensive flow filter configuration options
  • Consolidated Discard filter configuration reporting


Event troublshoot report

Event Troublshoot Report

  • Ad-hoc forensic investigation and analysis
  • Groups flow for quickly discerning patterns
  • Segment flows by originating router


Custom problem management

Custom Problem Management

  • Enable or Disable specific problems and algorithms
  • Focus in pertinent problems of interest


Auto Ignore Events

Network security snapshot

  • Whitelist specific resources for distinct problems
  • Option to store ignored events for auditing
  • Consolidated Ignore Filter configuration reporting


Security Snapshot

Network security snapshot

This displays a list of grouped threats or anomalies as a problem and further, the problems are categorized in to three major problem classes (Bad Src-Dst, DDoS, Suspect Flows). Read more...


Event list

Network security event list

The ‘Event List’ in Security module lists, classifies and organizes all the events that might become attacks. Also, Security module assigns severity of an event; this allows you to prioritize your actions. Read more...


Event details

network security event details

Event details gives a thorough detail about the problem. The details include network, port, protocol, TCP flag and much more. Clicking on the router name gives details with mapped destination, such as source IP and the application, port, protocol etc. used. This report can be exported as a pdf or can be mailed with just a single click.