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Supported Devices

NetFlow Analyzer - Supported Devices

NetFlow Analyzer leverages on NetFlow®, sFlow®, cflowd®, J-Flow®, IPFIX®, NetStream® and Cisco NBAR® information exported from routing & switching devices to provide you indepth visibility into the top talkers and applications on your network. The table below lists the set of devices from various vendors and the type of flow they export.

NetFlow Analyer partner image

Vendor Supported Flows Device List
Cisco Traditional NetFlow
(NetFlow v5)
ASR 1000, Cisco ISR G1 and ISR G2 models (800, 1800, 1900, 2800, 2900, 3800, 3900), 1700, 3660, Catalyst 4500, Catalyst 6500 with Sup 32 and Sup 720, Cisco 7500, 7600, 10000, 12000, Cisco ASA (IOS version 8.2 onwards)
Flexible NetFlow
(NetFlow v9)
ASR 1000, ASR 9000, Cisco ISR G1 and ISR G2 models (800, 1800, 1900, 2800, 2900, 3800, 3900), CRS-1, C3KX-SM-10G, Catalyst 4500 and 4500X with Sup 7, Catalyst 6500 with SUP2T, XR12000 / 12000 Series Routers, Cisco 7200, 7300, Nexus 1000V, Nexus 7000
Nexus 3000 series(supports sFlow)
Adtran NetFlow NetVanta 3200, 3305, 4305, 5305, 1524, 1624, 3430, 3448, 3130, 340, and 344
AlaxalA Networks sFlow

AX7800R , AX7800S , AX7700R , AX5400S Refer AlaxalA Networks website

Alcatel sFlow OmniSwitch 6850 , OmniSwitch 9000
Allied Telesis sFlow

SwitchBlade 7800R series , SwitchBlade 7800S series , SwitchBlade 5400S series

Brocade (Formerly Foundry Networks) NetFlow, sFlow

BigIron series, FastIron series, IronPoint series, NetIron series, SecureIron series, ServerIron series

Barracuda IPFIX

Barracuda NG Firewall(firmware 5.2.3 and above)

Comtec Systems sFlow

!-Rex 16Gi & 24Gi & 24Gi-Combo

Dell - Force 10 Networks sFlow PowerConnect 6200 series, PowerConnect 8200 series, E series
D-Link sFlow DGS-3600 series
Enterasys NetFlow Refer Enterasys website
Extreme Networks NetFlow

Alpine 3800 series, BlackDiamond 6800 series, BlackDiamond 8800 series, BlackDiamond 10808, BlackDiamond 12804C , BlackDiamond 12804R ,Summit X450 Series , Summit i series

Fortigate sFlow FortiSwitch series, FortiGate series
Huawei NetStream Refer Huawei website
H3C sflow Refer H3C website
Ruijie IPFIX Refer Ruijie website
Hewlett-Packard sFlow ProCurve 2610 series, ProCurve 2800 series , ProCurve 2900 series, ProCurve 2910al series, ProCurve 3400cl series , ProCurve 3500yl series , ProCurve 4200vl series , ProCurve 5300xl series , ProCurve 5400zl series , ProCurve 6200yl series , ProCurve 6400cl series , ProCurve 6600 series, ProCurve 8212zl, ProCurve Wireless Edge Services xl Module, ProCurve Wireless Edge Services zl Module, ProCurve Access Point 530ProCurve 9300m series , ProCurve Routing Switch 9408sl ( http://www.sflow.org/products/network.php )
Hitachi sFlow GR4000 , GS4000 , GS3000
Juniper Networks

NetFlow, J-Flow

Refer Juniper Networks website
Maipu sFlow

S3300 Series, S3400 Series, S3900 Series

MikroTik NetFlow

Refer Website

NetGear sFlow GSM7352S-200, GSM7328S-200
Nortel IPFIX 5500 & 8600 Series
NEC sFlow IP8800/R400 series , IP8800/S400 series , IP8800/S300 series
Palo Alto NetFlow Firmware version 4.1
Riverbed NetFlow Riverbed and NetFlow Analyzer Joint Solution brief [PDF] | Refer Riverbed website
Sonicwall NetFlow/IPFIX SonicWall NSA E5500(SonicOS Enhanced and above)
Vyatta sFlow Vyatta 514, Vyatta 2500 series, Vyatta Virtual Router, Firewall, VPN


For queries on working with other devices contact