Continuous Stream Mining Engine

Continuous Stream Miner Technology

Continuous Stream Miner (CSM) / Continuous Stream Mining Engine (CSM Engine) is a Java based Complex Event Processing (CEP) Engine for real-time complex pattern matching & event correlation across multiple events, based on some effective strategies involving fast bulk-lookup rules matching, multi-granular context-sensitive resource modeling, temporal clustering & advanced sessionization, automatic threshold adaptation, de-noising & de-duplication, and heuristics based event stream classification. Primarily it employs a Rapid Rules Engine, a variety of data structures for indexing & caching, partitioning & windowing constructs, contracts/interfaces and generic base implementations for data aggregation and event correlation. It offers a configurable and extensively customizable, API rich framework for building high performance Event Stream Processing (ESP) applications.

Technical Capabilities of Continuous Stream Mining Engine:

  • High throughput & low latency Stream Processing
  • Asynchronous and parallel data processing
  • Rapid Rules Engine and flexible criteria profiles
  • Contextual resource modeling and problem heuristics
  • Advanced event correlation and mining algorithms
continuous stream miner

ASAM Summary:

ASAM, offered as a simple add-on module of NetFlow Analyzer, leverages the underlying platform's agentless centralized data collection and forensic analysis capabilities, to offer greater value. NetFlow Analyzer is a robust, scalable and a proven platform offering bandwidth monitoring and unified traffic analytics.

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