Free Address Management Tools

OpUtils - Free Address Management Tools

Centralized, Easy-to-Use IP Address Management
  • Hierarchical Tree View
  • Scheduled Scanning
  • Active Directory Integration
  • IP Asset Details
  • Track IP to Switch Ports
  • IP History & Audit
  • Alert Notifications
  • Out-of-the-box Reports

Address monitoring tools are used to manage IP Address, MAC address and DNS name of a network.

Tools included under Address Management tools are:

  1. DNS Resolver: Helps to get the host name of any node whose IP Address is known and vice versa.
  2. DNS Scan: Helps to get the host name for a range of IP Address.
  3. MAC Address Resolver: Fetches the MAC Address of any IP device using SNMP and ARP.
  4. MAC Address Scan: Helps to get the MAC Addresses for a range of IP Address.
  5. Subnet List: Helps in retrieving the list of subnets accessible for a given SNMP node.
  6. IP Address Manager *: Help to determine the used and available IP Addresses in the subnet.

* - Runs in a restricted mode in the Free edition.

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