Free Network Tools

OpUtils - Free Network Tools

Centralized, Easy-to-Use IP Address Management
  • Hierarchical Tree View
  • Scheduled Scanning
  • Active Directory Integration
  • IP Asset Details
  • Track IP to Switch Ports
  • IP History & Audit
  • Alert Notifications
  • Out-of-the-box Reports

ManageEngine OpUtils offers a set of free tools that come in handy for the network administrators. The Network Discovery tools helps is discovery of IP nodes and SNMP nodes in a network. The Network Diagnostic tools are used in diagnosis and troubleshooting the network problems, such as network connectivity, health, latency, and so on. The Address Management tools are used to manage IP Address, MAC address and DNS name of a network. The SNMP Tools are used to monitor the SNMP-enabled devices. The System Utilities help monitor desktops and get various data like the system information, CPU, and so on.

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