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Server Monitoring Tools

System Explorer

Disk space monitor

System Explorer can be used to monitor any desktop for CPU usage, hard disk usage, installed software, running processes, etc., through SNMP. This toolset also offers detailed information about the monitored device.

System Explorer will provide the following details about a device:

System SnapShot – This tool provides the system details, address details and OS details for an SNMP-enabled node. The tool gets the details including the machine name, system object ID, and contact address. The tool also fetches address details such as IP address, DNS name, MAC Address and machine details such as up time, isrouter, and location. Apart from this the tool also fetches OS details such as the machine type, hardware type, and service types available in that node.

Disk Space Monitor – This tool provides information on disk space utilization. The tool shows the different drives in the machine, and provides details about the used and the available memory. It also plots a pie chart with the available and used memory details for quick visualization.

CPU Monitor – This tool plots the real-time CPU usage of any given node and displays the CPU usage history graphically. The tool provides system details such as name, type, location and system uptime.

Process Scan – This tool provides the list of all processes running in a given IP node. The tool fetches details such as the process name, process ID, process path, process parameter, process type, and process status.

Software Scan – This tool would be handy to a network engineer in asset tracking and in getting a software list corresponding to the particular node. The tool quickly displays the list of all software, the type of software, and the date of installation of any given device.

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