Failed to Add a Device - Unknown Host


You get an error as "Unknown Host " when attempting to add a device in Oputils.


This is a common error message that you get when you add a device in most of the tools in OpUtils. When a device is added using its DNS Name, OpUtils first tries to resolve the IP Address of the device. When this fails, you will get this error message.The following could be the reasons:

  1. There is no such device in your network.
  2. The DNS Server is not updated with this device.


Check for Spelling Errors

Check whether this device being added is a valid device. If you are sure, check whether device name has been spelled correctly or try adding using this IP Address.

Update the DNS Server

Check whether the DNS Server has been updated with the device details. A DNS record for this device has to be added in the DNS Server used by the computer where OpUtils is installed. To check this, you can use the nslookup <DNS Name> command from the command prompt and check whether the IP is resolved. This should be done from the computer where OpUtils is installed.

If you are using any alternate DNS Servers, OpUtils will not be able to resolve the IP Address of the deice; you should add the device using its IP Address.

Applies to: Network Monitor, MAC Address Resolver, DHCP Scope Monitor, Bandwidth Monitor

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