Installation & Getting Started
Getting Started with MSP Edition
Important Terminologies
Work Flow in PMP
Check if you make full use of PMP
User Management
      User Management
      Adding Users Manually
      Importing Users from AD
      Importing Users from LDAP
      Importing Users from a Text File
      Editing Users
      Deleting Users
      User Groups
Resource Management
      Adding Resources
      Storing Documents
      Remote password reset
      Password reset using PMP Agents
      Configuring Password Reset for Resources in Bulk
      Importing Resources
      Editing Resources
      Copying Resources
      Viewing Account Details
      Resource Groups
      Nested Resource Groups
      Sharing Resources
      Transferring Resource Ownership
      Passwords View
      Password Access Control Workflow
      Managing Resource Types
      Exporting Resources
      Exporting Resource Groups
scheduled password rotation Scheduled Password Rotation
Service Account Reset Windows Service Account Reset
Action Notifications Password Action Notification
Action Notifications Smartcard Authentication
Two Factor Authentication
      Two Factor Authentication
      TFA-PhoneFactor Authentication
      TFA-Unique Password Through Email
      TFA using RSA SecurID
      TFA using Google Authenticator
      RADIUS Compliant Two Factor Authentication
Reset Listener Auto Logon Helper
Reset Listener Privileged Session Recording
Reset Listener Landing Servers for Data Center Remote Access
Reset Listener One-Click Auto Logon
Reset Listener Password Reset Listener
High Availability (PostgreSQL)
High Availability (MySQL)
High Availability (MS SQL Server)
Database Backup (MySQL)
Database Backup (MS SQL Server)
Disaster Recovery
PMP A-to-A Password Management
Rebranding PMP
Displaying Common Message to PMP Users
Email Templates - Configuring Notification Content
Changing Password
Password Policies
Audit & Notifications
PMP SNMP Trap/Syslog Settings
Canned Reports & Custom Reports
Optional Settings
Storing Personal Information