What are Global and Device specific notification profiles and how can they be configured?


Global Profiles from Settings>>Notifications 

  • Notification Profiles created under Settings >> Notifications >> Add are Global Profiles
  • More than one device/URL can be associated to a Global Notification profile with the same set of criteria
  • On editing a global profile, add/delete device/URL from the profile, criteria,severity and time window changes can be done
  • Global Profile configuration changes cannot be done to any particular device, changes are always profile specific
  • Even after editing global profile from settings page, it still remains as Global Profile
  • Settings >> Notifications >> will have Drop down box to select the profile types.
  • Profile Type - Global Profiles will list all the global profiles only
  • Profile Type - All other profile types(Send Email/Send SMS/Run Program/etc... except Device Specific Profiles) will list the particular type of global profiles
  • The profiles listed under all types can be deleted from Settings >> Notifications page itself
  • Settings >> Notifications >> All Global Profiles will have both delete and Bulk delete option

Global Profiles from Settings>>Configurations>>Quick Configuration Wizard (QCW)

  • From QCW, Association and dissociation of devices/URL to Global Profiles are only possible
  • Configuration changes cannot be done.

Global Profiles from Device Snapshot Page

  • DeviceSnapshot page(Say Device 1) >> Notifications(Icon) >> Associate >> List all Global Profiles.
  • Any profiles(say Profile1) can be selected from list and associated. 
  • Selected profiles are still global profile until the profiles are edited.
  • This type of association is same as associating one more device to Global profile(Device1 associated to Profile1) with all existing configurations
  • DeviceSnapshot page(Say Device 1) >> Notifications (Icon) >> Delete any associated Global profile(say Profile1) >> The profile will not be listed in the device Snapshot page
  • This type of deletion is same as dissociating a device from Global profile(Device1 dissociated from Profile1).
  • Profile will not be deleted. only dissociation of device will happen


Device Specific Profiles From Settings: 

  • Creating/changing profile configurations of Device Specific profiles is not possible from Settings page
  • Settings >> Notifications >> will have Drop down box to select the profile types.
  • Profile Type - Device Specific Profiles will list all the device specific profiles only
  • Settings >> Notifications >> Device Specific profiles will have only Bulk delete option

Device Specific Profiles From Device Snapshot Page: 


  • DeviceSnapshot page(Say Device1) >> Notifications (Icon) >> Associate >> List all Global Profiles. 
  • Associating one profile(Profile1) from list and editing the same profile, will become a Device Specific profile (Profile1_Device1)
  • Editing Profile1_Device1 will not disturb Profile1, the changes done is specific to Device1 alone
  • Deleting Profile1_Device1 profile will delete this profile alone completely and not Profile_1(global Profile)

  • DeviceSnapshot page(Say Device1) >> Notifications (Icon) >> Add >> Allows to add a Device Specific profile(NewProfile_1)
  • Edit/Delete NewProfile_1 is specific to Device_1 only    


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