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Patch Management

The steady increase in network vulnerabilities and the sheer volume of software patches that fix these threats, over the years; has created a need for strict and efficient patch management in enterprises to avoid business downtime and to secure themselves against mishaps due to attacks.

The best way to address this problem, is to have a systematic, automated and affordable solution that is robust and manages patches effectively.  Endpoint Central with its Patch Management module provides the system administrators the ability to respond to computer threats in quick time. All this in compliance to the patch management life cycle and with a fresh perspective to network security. Administrators can use Endpoint Central to scan the network, identify the missing patches, download the missing patches and deploy them to computers using Windows and MaC operating systems.

Patch Management Features

  • Uses a hosted Patch Database at Zoho Corp. site to assess the vulnerability status of the network.
  • Complete automated Patch Management Solution from detecting the vulnerabilities to deploying the patches.
  • Patch based deployment - Deploy a patch to all the affected systems
  • System based patch deployment - Deploy all the applicable patches for a system
  • Automatic handling of patch interdependencies and patch sequencing
  • Reports on System vulnerabilities, Patches,OS, etc.
  • Provides an update of the patch deployment status
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