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Download IPAM & SPM Plug-in Upgrade Pack

Important :

We recommend users to move to the latest version OpManager IPAM & SPM Plug-in build #61026 released on October 15th, 2013. (README) (How do I find my build number?)

Note: Before upgrading your IPAM & SPM plug-in to version 60055, ensure you have OpManager 9400 or above.
Current build Upgrade path to the latest build
61000, 61011 ...61025 - Install the ServicePack to move to build 61026
60040, 60041 ...60055 - Install the ServicePack to move to build 61000

Instructions to Upgrade:

  1. Shut down IPAM & SPM (Stop the service from Control Panel > Services window > ManageEngine OpUtils service)
  2. Important: Take a manual backup of the OpUtils installation directory (<opmanager-home>/OpUtils directory)
  3. Run the script 'UpdateManager.bat' (UpdateManager.sh for Linux) under the <opmanager-home>/OpUtils/bin folder. This invokes the Update Manager tool
  4. Click Browse button and select the Upgrade Pack (.ppm file) you have downloaded.
  5. Click Install button to install the Upgrade.
  6. When completed, click "Close".
  7. Click "Exit" to close the Update Manager tool.
  8. Start IPAM & SPM.

How do I find the build number of OpManager IPAM & SPM plug-in?

  1. Locate Product.conf file under <opmanager-home>/OpUtils/conf directory
  2. Search for the ‘Build Number’

Need help ?

Want help with upgrading OpManager to the latest version? Contact OpManager Support