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Configuring Mail Server

Desktop Central has an option to send a notification by email when the patches are downloaded and are ready to be installed. Email Alerts are also sent for notifying the Inventory related events. To send email, the mail server has to be configured. Follow the steps given below to specify the mail server details:

  1. Navigate to Admin tab -> Server settings -> Mail server settings.

  2. Specify the name and port of the mail server.

  3. Provide the name of the sender, along with the sender's mail address and a test mail address.

  4. Email Type : Indicates whether the connection to mail server will be encrypted or will not be encrypted. (For example: SMTP, SMTPS).

  5. TLS Enabled : Option to enable Transport Layer Security (TLS).

  6. If it requires authentication, select the Requires Authentication check box and specify the user name and password.

  7. Click Save to save the mail server settings.

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