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Configuring Mail Server

Desktop Central has an option to send a notification by email when deploying patches, applying configurations e.t.c. Email Alerts are also sent for notification purposes. To send email, the mail server has to be configured at first. Navigate to Admin tab -> Mail Server Settings and choose the authentication type. You may choose Basic or OAuth while configuring the mail server.

Basic Authentication

  1. Choose "basic" in authentication type.

  2. Specify the name and port of the mail server.

  3. Provide the name of the sender, along with the sender's mail address and a test mail address.

  4. Email Type : Indicates whether the connection to mail server will be encrypted or will not be encrypted. (For example: SMTP, SMTPS).

  5. TLS Enabled : Option to enable Transport Layer Security (TLS).

  6. If it requires authentication, select the Requires Authentication check box and specify the user name and password.

  7. Click Save to save the mail server settings.

For more details on configuring mail sever settings using Gmail Account, visit this page.

To learn more about configuring Office 365 in mail server settings, click here.

Click here to watch the video on how to Configure Mail Server Settings:


OAuth is a standard authorization protocol that provides delegated access to a protected resource using web tokens instead of passwords. With OAuth, resource owners can configure separate permissions for each client requesting access to the same resource and modify/revoke the access at any point of time.

How does OAuth work?

OAuth authentication involves the following entities:


  • Resource Owner: The user who owns the protected resource.
  • Client: An end-user or application, requesting access to the resource.
  • Authorization Server: The server that generates the access token for the client with the resource owner's approval.
  • Resource Server: The server that hosts the protected resource.

To access a protected resource, the client should obtain an authorization grant from the resource owner and pass it on to the authorization server. The authorization server validates the authorization grant and generates an access token with the approval of the resource owner. The client can use this token to access the protected resource hosted by the resource server.

The authentication process with OAuth is explained in the flowchart below:

In this case, Desktop Central acts as the Client requesting access to the Mail Server (Resource Owner) and obtains the authorization grant. This authorization grant is processed through the Authorization Server of the corresponding mail box(say G Suite for Gmail and Microsoft Azure for O365), which generates an access token with the Resource Owner's approval. Using this access token, ServiceDesk Plus can access the Mail Server.

Mail Server Settings for OAuth

To configure OAuth for incoming mail,

  • Choose "OAuth" in the authentication type after arriving at mail server settings.
  • Enter the required values like the server name, port detais (default value 25) and e-mail addresses.
  • Choose either SMTP or SMTPS type of communication. The latter is more secure.
  • Enter the required authorization server details.
  • Ensure to enter a valid scope.
  • You may opt to connect via Proxy and configure the proxy settings manually when prompted.
  • Upon saving, you will be prompted to accept or reject via a new pop-up from your Gsuite or other mail ID that you have configured.
  • If the user does not reject and accepts within 30-60 seconds, OAuth will be configured successfully.