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Asset Scan Settings

By configuring asset scan settings, you can choose to either include or exclude components from the inventory scan. This helps in optimization of your inventory data and reports.

The components that can either be enabled or disabled include:

  1. Drivers
  2. Services
  4. Certificates


  • Software details, hardware details, antivirus, bitlocker and firewall status along with system details such as users and groups will be scanned during each inventory scan by default.
  • Whenever you exclude a component from inventory scan, all the existing data on that particular component will permanently be removed from database.
  • Once a component is included to scan, the respective data will be obtained and posted from the subsequent inventory scan.
  • Under certificates, the list of Microsoft Store available will be displayed in the available store. Once the certificates are enabled, you can choose to move the stores from available to selected store. Only the certificates under selected store will be scanned during asset scan.