Service Pack

Service Pack

If your Build Number is Upgrade path to latest build
5350 through 5351
  1. Upgrade to 5400
5210 through 5340
  1. Upgrade to 5350
  2. Upgrade to 5400
5040 through 5201
  1. Upgrade to 5210
    * Perform post-upgradation steps
  2. Upgrade to 5350
  3. Upgrade to 5400
5003 through 5031
  1. Upgrade to 5040
    * Perform post-upgradation steps
  2. Upgrade to 5210
    * Perform post-upgradation steps
  3. Upgrade to 5350
  4. Upgrade to 5400

* Post-upgradation Steps:

  • Start RecoveryManager Plus and trigger a backup to complete the data migration.
  • Stop RecoveryManager Plus

Instructions to Apply Service Pack:

Follow steps 1 through 10 to apply the service pack.
  1. Shut down RecoveryManager Plus server.
    1. If RecoveryManager Plus runs as an application, click on Start → All Programs → RecoveryManager Plus → Stop RecoveryManager Plus.
    2. If RecoveryManager Plus runs as a windows service, click on Start → Run → type "services.msc" → Stop "ManageEngine RecoveryManager Plus".
  2. Please wait till the server/service terminates completely.
  3. Backup RecoveryManager Plus by zipping the contents of <RecoveryManagerPlusHome> directory and save it as in the </RecoveryManagerPlusHome/> directory.
  4. If you use an MS SQL Database Server, take a backup of the database by following the steps listed here.
  5. Execute the UpdateManager.bat file present in the <RecoveryManagerPlusHome>/bin directory.
  6. Click Browse and select the .ppm file that you have downloaded.
  7. Click Install to install the service pack. Depending on the amount of data to be migrated, the installation procedure may take a few minutes. Please do not terminate the procedure prematurely.
  8. Wait until the service pack is fully installed.
  9. Click Close and then Exit Update Manager tool.
  10. Start the RecoveryManager Plus server.
How do I find the current build number of RecoveryManager Plus?
  1. Log in to the RecoveryManager Plus web client
  2. Click the license link at the top right corner of the page.
  3. Check the product version to find the current build number
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