Why are interfaces not discovered for my device?

The automatic discovery of interfaces would have failed due to the following reasons.

  • SNMP service may not be running on your device:
    Interfaces will be discovered only for devices that are SNMP enabled and SNMP credentials passed. Enable SNMP service in your device to discover the interfaces associated with it.
  • Incorrect SNMP credentials:
    • SNMP v1/v2: The provided v1/v2 credential may be incorrect. Please check if the given credential is valid or try creating a new one and associate it to the device.
    • SNMP v3: If it is a SNMPv3 credential, check for duplicate engine IDs at the device end. Resolve the issues if any and try again.
  • Interface Discovery may be disabled:
    • Add Device: Automatic discovery of interfaces should be enabled separately for devices discovered via Add Device option. You can enable it under Setting -> Discovery -> Discovery Settings.
    • Network Discovery: Interface discovery should be enabled in that specific profiles for devices discovered via Network Discovery. Once enabled, the interfaces that match the Interface type, Admin Status and Operator status will be discovered.
    • Scheduled Discovery: Check if the rediscovery rule is configured with the condition 'Do not add. Just Notify me' for the criteria 'If new Interface is found'.
  • The discovered device may be in 'Not Monitored' state:
    Check if the device is active during the process of discovery. The devices that are discovered into OpManager should be up and running during the time of discovery. Only then, the devices and the interfaces associated with it will be properly discovered.
  • SNMP ports might be blocked:
    Check if the SNMP ports are blocked for any security reasons. Unblock the SNMP UDP ports and try rediscovering the interfaces. If custom SNMP ports are used instead of the default port, you should configure it by editing the respective credential.
  • SNMP timeout:
    SNMP timeout occurs when the device does not respond to the SNMP requests in the specified interval or due to excessive interfaces in the environment. In such cases, try increasing the 'SNMP timeout' value for that particular credential and try again.

Note: If the problem exists even when the above said conditions are satisfied, go to Settings -> Tools -> MIB Browser -> IF-MIB. Query the device using both device DNS Name and IPAddress and check for the device response. With the necessary logs contact our support team at support@opmanager.com for further assistance.

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